The аrea оf а Shareholder


According to the Article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On limited and additional liability» №310-II dated December 6, 2001 the members of the company have the right to:

• take part in the administration of the activity of the Company; 
• receive information about the activity of the Company; 
• take part in the distribution of profits; 
• sell or otherwise to cede the share in the share capital; 
• leave the company at any time regardless of other participants consent; 
• receive part of the property remaining after settlement with creditors in the event of liquidation of the Company; 
• participants of the Company whose shares together make up no less than ten percent of the share capital of a company, have the right to demand judicial exclusion of the member, who violates his duties or his actions (or inaction) makes impossible the company's activity or significantly impedes it. 
The members of the Company also have other rights provided by the constituent documents of the company.