Financial report for the last year

2014 year

Results of economic activity in 2014 year

In 2014 the Company has concluded import contracts for delivery of telecommunication equipment for the amount of 4 765,18 thousand US Dollars.

For 2014 year the Company has imported the equipment, spare parts and services by the concluded import contracts for the amount of 3 535,16 thousand US Dollars. There were rendered export services for the amount of 27,67  thousand US Dollars.

There were made current payments by long term loans for the amount of 21 181,77 thousand US Dollars, including:  
Loans guaranteed by the Government for the amount of 17 301,64 thousand US Dollars;
Loans without Government guarantee for the amount of 3 880,13 thousand US Dollars.

Total amount of income in 2014 year makes 483 508 thousand sum, net profit is 26 097 thousand sum.