The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 9.04.2018 № ZRU-472 «On Public Procurements» was adopted.

The document defines the range of subjects of public procurement, as well as their rights and responsibilities. 

They include:

a) State customers, which are subdivided into budget and corporate customers: 
Budgetary customers - state bodies, budget organizations, recipients of budget funds allocated for procurement procedures, state trust funds, 
Corporate customers are state-owned enterprises, legal entities with a state share in their statutory fund (authorized capital) of 50% or more, legal entities in the authorized fund (authorized capital) of which 50% or more belong to a legal entity with a state stake of 50% and more. 

b) the participants of procurement procedures - residents and non-residents of Uzbekistan, taking part in the procurement procedure as bidders for the execution of public procurements; 

c) the executor of state purchases is a participant determined the winner according to the results of procurement procedures with which the contract is to be concluded; 

d) the purchasing commission is a permanent collegial body under the state customer, authorized to make decisions on the choice of the winner of procurement procedures. 

e) The operator of a special public procurement information portal is a specially authorized organization that assists in the organization and conduct of procurement procedures, placement of applications and other information about public procurements and their results on a special website where public procurement is conducted. 

The law approves the following types of procurement procedures:
1. E-shop 
2. Auction to lower the starting price (in electronic form) 
3. Competition 
4. Bids 
5. Public procurement from single supplier 

The law was published in the newspaper «Narodnoye Slovo» and came into force on 10/04/2018. 

A short review of the Law can be found on the portal «Norma»
The full text of the Law can be found in the National Database of Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Russian and Uzbek language: